Africa: Air travellers to face harrowing experience as Cape Town Airport clamps down on water usage


Amidst the daunting challenge facing one of South Africa’s second largest city, Cape Town, Lounges at the City’s International Airport (CTIA) have implemented water-saving strategies in light of the water crisis plaguing the city.

According to, the executive mayor of Cape Town, Patricia de Lille, had warned citizens and prospective visitors that the city is “very likely” to run out of water in April. After two years of drought which saw rain at about one-third of normal levels, reservoirs supplying the city are running dry.

A report by, said, lounges at the airport have begun to put water saving measures in place as a stop gap.

Slow Lounge, one of the lounge at the airport told Tourism Update that it had closed all showers in its domestic and international lounges at the airport. They are also encouraging water saving for those who use the toilets and basins through signage in their bathrooms.
They could not confirm when the showers would reopen or if the tap water would be cut off when the fast-approaching Day Zero arrives.

The Bidvest Premier Lounge, which only has showers in the international lounge, has not yet turned off the water. However, they are also encouraging water conservation through signage in the bathrooms.

Agents are advised to let their clients know of these restrictions and to be mindful when consuming water anywhere in Cape Town Airport or the city itself.

Enver Duminy, CEO of Cape Town Tourism, said that prior to landing in Cape Town, many airlines were making announcements to passengers that the city was experiencing a severe drought, and to use water responsibly. Passengers on flights where the announcement is not made are urged to let Cape Town International Airport or the relevant airline know, added Duminy.

Furthermore, CTIA has prominent signage all over the airport, telling visitors about the water crisis.

Cape Town Tourism has a Visitor Information Centre at the airport where messaging has been made visible to those arriving in the city. We appeal to all operators to share information with tourists to inform them of the water shortages and measures put in place to reduce water consumption. Make sure you know all the facts so that your client is able to make an informed decision. Tell them that Cape Town is open for business but they must be mindful of the water restrictions and adhere to them. Keep informed as the water situation changes very quickly,” concluded Duminy.

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