Aviation: Middles East Carrier, Emirates airline suspends flights from East Africa Kenya to Dubai for 48 hours


Emirates Airlines has suspended fights operation from Kenya to Dubai for 48 hours from 20th Monday, according to a directive from Dubai Civil Aviation Authority.

According to thenationalnews.com, announcement of the airline’s website read: “All air transport services with inbound and transit passenger movements to the emirate of Dubai from any point in the Republic of Kenya are temporarily suspended for 48 hours effective from 20 December 2021 at 10.30hrs local time Dubai,” reads an announcement on Emirates airline’s website.

“Customers will not be accepted for travel on Emirates flights at Nairobi during this time.”

Outbound passenger flights from Dubai to Nairobi remain unaffected.

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Travellers do not need to call immediately to rebook, said the announcement. “Customers can simply hold on to their Emirates ticket and when flights resume, get in touch with their travel agent or booking office to make new travel plans.”

While a specific reason for this suspension wasn’t given, the move follows the cancellation of flights from other numerous African countries as the new Covid-19 variant spreads through the continent.

On December 17, the UAE suspended entry of passengers from the Republic of Congo and tightened restrictions on flights from a number of other African nations, as per a directive from the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority and the General Civil Aviation Authority




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