Aviation: Swissport enhances cargo capacity, to hold Speedcargo trials at Tel Aviv facilities and Johannesburg, South Africa


Swissport International Ltd. an aviation services company providing airport ground and cargo handling services, has signed a proof-of-concept agreement with Speedcargo, a leading provider of logistics technology.

According to logupdateafrica.com, its artificial intelligence (AI) based solutions Cargo Eye and Cargo Mind will support Swissport’s digitization drive, help improve overall logistics efficiency and increase cargo capacity in warehouses and on flights.

Swissport will launch proof of concept trials of the Cargo Eye sizing system and the AI-powered Cargo Mind software solution at its Johannesburg and Tel Aviv air cargo warehouses.

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The Speedcargo solutions enable full 3D scanning at the time of acceptance of a shipment and ensure immediate and optimized planning and utilization of the available cargo space, while considering applicable regulations and other constraints.

Dirk Goovaerts, head of Middle East & Africa and global cargo chair commented, “I am confident that the implementation of Cargo Eye and Cargo Mind will support the digital transformation of our cargo operations. With this technology, we expect to optimize cargo loads on our customers’ flights and ULD containers by 5 percent, representing a significant increase in revenue for both the airline and the handler.”

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Using Microsoft’s 3D technology, Cargo Eye digitizes incoming goods by scanning them and calculating exact dimensions in real time, while seamlessly integrating the data into existing warehouse management systems.

The information is then fed into Cargo Mind, where the AI solution optimizes process efficiency and loading capacity in loading plans. The digitally supported warehouse logistics also promote compliance, visibility and traceability, paving the way for further process improvements and data-driven decision making. The software also identifies damaged goods earlier in the process which in turn will help reduce potential claims.

If the proof of concept confirms that these digital solutions can increase process efficiency, productivity and revenue, Swissport plans to integrate this way of working in its warehouses across the globe.




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