Ethiopia earns over $1.7bn from tourism in 6 months

Ethiopia has secured more than $1.7 billion in revenue from tourism over the past six months, the Country’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism said on Monday. The income has shown a 15 percent increase compared to the revenue set for the period and was generated from more than 470,000 foreign tourists, according to Gezahegn Abate, Public Relations and International Affairs Director at the ministry.

Ethiopia envisages attracting two million foreign tourists and obtains $6 billion after five years marking the end of the second Growth and Transformation Plan of the country.

Gezahegn said infrastructural development and expansion of hotels at tourist destinations also played their part for the increasing number of tourist flow to Ethiopia in the first half of the budget year.

The director also attributed the increase in revenue to the due attention paid by the government for tourism industry and promotions carried out by Ethiopian embassies and consuls, the number of visitors is increasing from time to time.

According to the Director, more than 200 Ethiopian Diaspora are currently engaged in hotel industry in major tourist destinations of the country.

Foreign tourists stay for 16 days on average in Ethiopia and spend 234 US dollars per day.
Source: APA



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