Ghanaian boy wins award for Beast of No Nation movie

The life of a young street vendor from Ghana is changing for good.
Without having ever stepped a foot in any acting classroom or haven’t even dreamt of ever becoming an actor, Attah Abraham, 14, who was picked from the streets of Ghana during the shooting of Netflix’s soon to be released movie “Beasts of No Nation“, has won the prestigious Marcello Mastroianni’s Best Young Actor award at the 2015 Venice Film Festival, the world’s oldest film festival.
Attah Abraham was randomly picked to star as Idris Elba’s teenage lead actor.

Though it was a street pick, Abraham initially had to fight for the role.

Even when he scored the role, Abraham took charge of affairs and made shocking progress during the shooting.

Abraham may never act again but this has changed his life for good as he was put into a boarding school by the film makers, an education he may never have had.

Meanwhile, a Venezuelan film set among the chaos and violence of Caracas – Desde Alla, or From Afar – has won the top Golden Lion prize at the Venice film festival.

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