Man Marries Two Women In The Same Church

A 35 year old man in the Eastern Region known as Kwasi Nyantakyi has apparently set a record in Ghanaian Christian wedding history, by marrying two women within the same church, both officiated by the same pastor.
According to adomonline, Nyantakyi married one woman at the Oil Land Revival Ministry International at Akyem Topremang, and then followed that up a few days later by marrying a second woman, in the same church!

When Adom Fm contacted the pastor who blessed both marriages, he had a rather unique view of things. According to him, there was nothing in the bible preventing a man from marrying as many women as he wanted.

“If one feels he can marry more then I’m ready to bless the marriage because the Bible does not speak against bigamy.” He said.

“There is nothing wrong with that, even the bible embraces it and so I think I have done the right thing. Even if anyone in the church wishes to marry five times, who am I to reject that? I will gladly do it”
Preach on, brother.

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