News: Caribbean-American Heritage Month To be Celebrated in Style With Many Events In Brooklyn, New York City


The Caribbean-American culture and heritage is set to take centre stage in Brooklyn, New York City with series of events lined up to spice the day.

According to, New Yorkers will be treated to the rich culture from the Caribbean with lots of music and dance.

If you are in New York and want to immerse in Caribbean culture in Brooklyn, this is your chance to acknowledge and celebrate this rich heritage and celebrate the Caribbean spirit. Coming this June is live music, film screenings, dance performances and other events that will come to Prospect Park this month in order to celebrate Caribbean-American Heritage Month. The event, which began June 5, is carried out by I AM caribBEING, Jouvayfest Collective, and Prospect Park Alliance.

According to the organizers of the event, visitors will be able to enjoy Caribbean music, dance, food, wellness and much more during this cultural celebration for Brooklynites of all ages.

All participating artists and practitioners are based in Little Caribbean NYC, and hail from Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, Panama and Puerto Rico.

Known for being warm, friendly, vibrant and thriving, the Caribbean people and their descendants have made significant contributions to the history and culture of the United States.

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Since 2006, June has been designated as Caribbean Heritage Month by Presidential Proclamation to promote the rich culture and heritage of the Caribbean American people.

In fact, Caribbean Americans have brought vibrant cultures, languages, traditions and values to the US, Some influential figures of U.S. history, like founding father Alexander Hamilton, Vice President Kamala Harris, Rihanna, Sidney Poitier, Cicely Tyson, Colin Powell and Gloria Estefan, are either immigrants or children of immigrants from the Caribbean regions.

Read below the list of activities to be held in Prospect Park in Brooklyn in June to celebrate Caribbean-American Heritage Month:

1. Rockers + Dre Island (June 5 , 7-10pm)
Prospect Park Alliance and I AM caribBEING kick off Caribbean Heritage Month with cult classic film, Rockers. The 1978 film offers a tale of struggle and triumph in the streets of Kingston, Jamaica. Protagonist, Horsemouth, knows all too well the difficulty it takes to get into the music business in Kingston.

Prior to the film, the multi talented singer, keyboardist and producer Dre Island, hailing from Kingston, Jamaica– will join the celebration for a very special performance.

Location: Boathouse
Admission Free. Registration Required.

2. Tribute to the Rhythm Section Workshop (June 12, 10am)
Jouvayfest Collective and Bush Wo/Man Conversations Project will promote a workshop in Prospect Park this June which gives tribute to The Rhythm Section, The Iron Men, and the other percussionists that create the dynamic rhythm section so essential to Steelpan and Calypso music. Participants will learn about the history and role of drummers through speakers and performances.

All ages are invited to enjoy the workshop.
Location: Audubon Center
Admission Free

3. Lean Strong Fast Hike (June 12, 9-11am)
Learn to improve your fitness and wellness regimens with the Little Caribbean-based performance team, Lean Strong Fast. Attendees will be guided through the park on either a beginner or intermediate level hike-walk based on their comfort level.

Location: Boathouse
Admission Free. Registration Required.

4. Juneteenth + One Love Little Caribbean Day ( June 19th
This event will present a live performance by Grammy-Award winning Angela Hunte backed by Da Jerry Wonda Band, peer-to-peer gaming powered by Fun With Friends DJ sets by Gab Soul + Khalil and Little Caribbean artisan vendors.

Location: Boathouse
Admission Free. Registration Required.

5. Brukwine June 26th – 2pm-2:45pm
Are you ready to wukkup and juk? Join I AM caribBEING and BRUKWINE for a high energy workout routine. This Caribbean inspired dance workout is sure to get your heart rate up, hips moving and thighs burning.

Location: Boathouse
Admission Free. Registration Required.

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