News: Celebrating my 26th year in the tourism sector, to which I gave my heart – Sureyya Umran ALINAK


As I move towards the age of 42 in 2022, I look back. I realized that this year I left behind my 26th year in the tourism sector, which is in my blood.

I think I was around 7 years old when I first decided to become a tourism professional. Besides, I wasn’t living in a tourist city back then. I was just going on holiday with my family.

When a photograph penetrates your subconscious mind, it can become your life. I have worked hard since the first day I said hello to the hotel industry, which I met at the age of 15.

I continued to work in the hotel industry while I was in high school and university. I am attached to every job and every person I believe in with my heart and I do not give up easily.

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How can I always do better at everything I do? How can I improve myself? I thought about how I could look at it differently from other people.

After hotel management, I worked in Antalya / Turkey tourist incoming field abroad. In the meantime, I decided that I wanted to be in the event industry. I started my own travel agency when I was only 24 years old.

I never gave up. I have grown my company in the event sector to reach 3 offices in Turkey and one office in Azerbaijan. I have organized thousands of events in many parts of the world. I have worked with hundreds of people as a team and met hundreds of thousands of people.

I have made friends all over the world whose door I can knock on at any time. As someone who loves to explore and travel, I have never felt like working in my professional business life. I had the opportunity to travel to many remote countries. I danced at the most beautiful parties in the world. And got many awards. I was appreciated. I was congratulated. I became a leader. I said goodbye to the “event industry” the day it lost its fun for me.

For the last few years, I have been on a different path in tourism. And again I’m after the unmade and undiscovered. I am happy with the point I have reached in this, despite all the difficulties (the pandemic that happens once in a century). ( HELLO AFRICA)

I know that 2022 and 2023 will be completely different experiences for me.

Thank you to the “Tourism” industry for allowing me to live happily.

Now is the time to set sail for new adventures.

Stay with love.
Sureyya Umran ALINAK

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