News: Controversial South African dancer, Zodwa Wabantu allows fans stick their fingers inside her private part while performing


Controversial South African musician Zodwa Wabantu is once again making waves, as she allowed fans to stick their fingers in her private part as others groped her naked buttocks while she was performing on the stage.

According to Black Angel Movie, some excited fans were seen lifting her dress and groping the dancer.

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The singer and dancer whose real name is real name Rebecca Libram, is notorious for exposing her body parts while performing. It could be recalled that in June 2022, the Malawi Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife banned Zodwa Wabantu from performing in a show in the country. In 2017, her show in Zimbabwe was cancelled after she reportedly refused to agree to perform while wearing underwear.

The performer was also banned in Zambia in 2018, with authorities arguing that her public performances undermine the country’s “national values”.



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