News: Former Miss USA denied boarding by American Airlines due to her inappropriate dressing

Former Miss USA and Miss Universe Olivia Culpo were stopped from boarding an American Airlines flight in Los Angeles until she covered up.
According to liveandletsfly .com, American Airlines’ vague dress code was used by a gate agent to deny a female passenger from boarding a flight. This time, it was 29-year-old Olivia Culpo, the 2012 Miss USA and Miss Universe winner who has become a small-c celebrity through her pageantry, modeling, and dating of Nick Jonas, Tim Tebow, and currently Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey.
In an Instagram video posted by her sister Aurora, who was traveling with her, Culpo’s “offending” outfit is shown, a sports bra and shorts.
A gate agent found her wardrobe choice to be inappropriate and told her to cover up. She ended up putting on her boyfriend’s sweater.
But here’s the twist: it appears that a black passenger on the same flight with a different body type but wearing a substantially similar outfit was not told to cover up. Check the video above.
If true, it just goes to show how arbitrary AA’s dress code policy is. As I’ve said before, the “I’ll know it when I see it” approach inevitably leads to conflict and leaves passengers at the mercy of flight attendants and gate agents, all of whom have different standards of what is “appropriate” or “offensive.” As for Culpo’s outfit, it covered up private parts and was not vulgar so I’m not sure what the problem is, even if I personally wish all passengers would cover up.
Meanwhile, Culpo’s boyfriend was apparently cold without his sweater and drew a complaint from another passenger (or busybody on Twitter) when he failed to wear a mask properly:
Once again, it appears we have another incident of selective enforcement on American Airlines concerning the dress and appearance of a female passenger. I continue to be of the opinion that absent the exposure of reproductive organs or vulgar messaging, passengers should be allowed to wear what they please, even if most deem it skimpy or inappropriate.



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