Tourism: Numbers of Tourists to South Africa decreases compared to last year

Overseas tourists visiting South Africa numbered 194‚017 in April this year‚ a drop of 12.6% from 222‚055 in April 2017.
This is according to Statistics South Africa’s Tourism and Migration report for April 2018‚ released this week.
Overall‚ the number of tourists decreased by 5.7% from 919‚084 in April 2017‚ including overseas tourists as well as tourists from the Southern African Development Community (SADC)‚ who decreased in number by 3.5% to 657‚020 in April 2018.
The majority of foreign tourists were from the traditional markets: Europe 113‚734 (58.6%); North America 33‚332 (17.2%) and Asia 24‚444 (12.6%). Others include Australasia 11‚136 (5.7%); Central and South America 8‚362 (4.3%) and the Middle East 3‚009 (1.6%).
The number of tourists from three of the ten leading countries (Brazil‚ China and Canada) increased‚ but there was a decrease in tourists from Germany‚ the UK‚ India‚ The Netherlands‚ Australia‚ France and the USA.
The largest increase – 16.4% – was from Brazil (from 4‚511 tourists in April 2017 to 5‚247 in April 2018). The number of tourists from China was also slightly up (7‚151 in April 2017 versus 7‚280 in April 2018).
The largest decrease in tourists was from Germany (28.5%) – from 27‚720 tourists in April 2017 to 19‚827 in April 2018.
A comparison between movements in April 2017 and April 2018 for the ten leading SADC countries‚ said Stats SA‚ showed that the number of tourists increased from six of the ten leading countries (Angola‚ Malawi‚ Tanzania‚ Zimbabwe‚ Lesotho and Mozambique)‚ and decreased from the other four – Botswana‚ Namibia‚ Swaziland and Zambia.
The largest increase‚ at 35%‚ was from Angola (to 4‚849 tourists in April 2018)‚ while the largest decrease was from Botswana (38%)‚ with only 50‚536 tourists from that country visiting SA in April 2018.


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