Opinion: Writer laments the Forceful Deportation of Zimbabweans in a Traumatic manner by South Africa.

The deportation of any African from another African country need not be a traumatic event, as exemplified by the recent inhuman mass deportation of Zimbabweans in their thousands from South Africa.
If the AU has any purposes at all, one of them should be to address and redefine what “foreigner”, means according to a report by bulawayo24.com

While it’s not clear why Africa (Cape to Cairo) still maintain, the colonial borders dividing same people. It’s most puzzling that even if greed, political ambition and selfishness are what motivates African strongmen to keep ” Bantustans Euro-boarders”, A policy that allows some level of true uBuntu movement, would not in any way hinder whatever, good, bad or ugly act the politicians want to do.

“Deportations of neighbors (under humane considerations) should not be a traumatic shock treatment, which could have devastating negative implications to many innocent people in both South Africa and Zimbabwe. This is creating an avoidable border and human crisis that can be handled in a much more civilized human manner than what we are witnessing.
The question now becomes, what does South Africa gain by imposing these brutal deportations? What indeed does any African country protect, when brutally deporting fellow Africans, while welcoming real foreigners with a “red carpet”?

More than half the population of


Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia Southern Tanzania are populated by direct descendants of the Tshaka debacle emanating out present day KwaZulu Natal.
Soshongana (Sohlangana), Zwangendaba, Mzilikazi did bit only flee from South Africa in Mid 1800s, but they sawed their “Royal Oats” all over these countries, I will bet my bottom dollar that a large percentage of people in Southern African countries have Nguni blood today.

Now, WhileNgunis were populating, the European Colonials (1885) were carving out Africa among themselves, to give us the borders that we so dearly protect today and call ourselves nations, based on this shameful scramble by literally “thieves”, we have no shame to call ourselves Nations based on what the thieves decreed!

Now, since both the Nguni invasion and the Partition of Africa, were “crimes” committed at the same time. Why are we so eager to protect the European Crime, but not protect our own Crime?

With DNA, it would take a very short time to decide who in Zimbabwe (or any other country) has Nguni heritage from 1800s.

Arguably, these are South Africans, who overstayed their Welcome too.

They should be loaded and offloaded in KwaZulu Natal.

If you think my suggestion is ludicrous, you must think deep about the origin of our borders, and then you may agree that, we need the AU to stand up for Africa, not fo Europe, One Africa One Nation (KK) makes sense.



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