The Raging Saga of Tiwa Savage and her Husband

Nigerians are still sharply divided along emotional lines since the story of the marriage saga of popular pop singer Tiwa Savage and her husband cum manager, Tee Billz spilled on social media. While some diehard fan of Tiwa Savage took a swipe at Tee Billz for failing to play his role as a husband, others are of the opinion that the pop star should stick to her man in his trying times.

Husband’s Accusations
teeTunji Balogun a.k.a Tee Billz accused his wife, Tiwa Savage of sleeping with top entertainers like Don Jazzy, TuFace, Dr Sid in series of allegations he posted on his Instagram page.

Tee Billz made the revelations while lamenting about his wife, Tiwa Savage not been supportive of his career ever since she became a super star.
don j“With in what period of time did you Fuck Jazzy and Dr Sid. And I dint care because the love I have for you. I looked at it that we all have a past even when at this same fucking time you were fucking with 2face.”

In the same vein, he thanked Annie Idibia for bringing him food every time Tiwa Savage threw him out of the house. He also thanked tufaceOmawumi’s husband for being a friend. Tee Billz also wrote he wished his wife will be more like Omawumi.

“Tosin Yosuf aka Omawunmi’s husband. I wish I met you earlier when I just moved to Nigeria. You have been a great friend and brother to me in throne month. I should have done this 2weeks ago but the joy of being around dint let me. You have a wife that does not let the music business take the best of her. I know how Mrs Yusuf treats us when we at your house. I feel very at home and praying that I wish my wife can get a life and be like this. All she cares about is next single, her make and hair, her brand and all that BS. Pls tell the world have you asked your husband in the last 3yrs if he has eaten. Thank you to Ani Idibia and Anita my Neighbour that provides home cooked meal for me when I needed. That! Yes you became the bread winner when I decided I’m not in business with you again take everything I just want my wife. Tiwa. You will never have peace except my spirits forgives you. Tell your mother to confess what she mounted in the house for you shine with my star. It’s deeper than what you think.” he wrote.

Tiwa Savage addresses Tee Billz’s accusations

In reaction, Nigerian pop singer, Tiwa Savage, 36 addressed her husband’s shocking allegations made on Thursday, April 28, 2016.

In a video interview conducted by Azuka Ogujiuba of This Day Newspaper, Tiwa Savage spoke about her husband and former manager Tunji ‘Tee Billz’ Balogun.

tiwa33Speaking on the same day of Tee Billz’s allegations at her home, the award winning singer said her marriage to her former manager was filled with infidelity, emotional abuse, drug use and mismanagement of funds. According to Tiwa, he is a cheat, liar, cocaine addict, womaniser and thief.

Tiwa Savage said she made a mistake marrying Tee Billz. She also admitted their marriage has been on the rocks for a while and she has covered up for a lot of his mistakes. “For the past 2 months me and TJ have not been together” revealed the singer.

In an emotional revelation she emphatically denied Tee Billz’s accusation that she had sex with Mavin Records boss Don Jazzy, her record label mate Dr. Sid and 2face Idibia. She even offered to take a lie detector test to show her honesty.

“I will say for the record I have never cheated on my husband, never, not with Don Jazzy, not with Dr. Sid, not with 2face, not with anybody. I am willing to take a lie detector test” said Tiwa Savage.

She also made claims that Tee Billz lives an expensive, wild and sadly unaffordable lifestyle which has embarrassed her several times. She says he tells her that he doesn’t have money for diapers, but he has money for a hair cut twice a week, laundry and money to take women to hotels.

On the issue of cooking in the house, she said how could she ask him if he had eaten when sometimes he left home without telling her, he kept late nights and was generally womanising under their roof.

She mentioned that she sacked him because he was being fraudulent and stealing from her, despite paying him management fees.

In the interview Tiwa Savage also mentioned that the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and his debtors are on the hunt for him because of his N45m alleged debt. She said since she sacked him, he had been struggling, but despite his financial situation, he insisted on living a fake life, spending recklessly, spending money on drinks, rolex watches, clubs and women.

Tired of his emotional abuse, lies and infidelity Tiwa Savage has said that her marriage is over and she is focused on raising her son. “I don’t care at this point if I don’t ever get married again” admitted the Mavin Records singer.

Although she says is done with her marriage, Tiwa said she is still praying for Tee Billz.

Artistes Reactions to Tiwa, Teebillz Marital Saga
The dust is yet to settle over the Tiwa Savage/Teebillz saga as celebrities have continued to weigh in on the matter. While the public seem to be divided along even lines, a couple of artistes have called on both parties to tread with caution.
Veteran singer, Charlie Boy, aka Area Fada, decried a situation where celebrities wash their dirty linens in public stating that it is sad, especially if they are amongst stars that he admires and love.

“TeeBillz and Tiwa Savage una fall my hand no be small. Una no know say MUTUAL RESPECT IS NON-NEGOTIABLE for marriage? Why yeye una self for public like this.
Una no know say competition na for business no be for marriage,” he admonished.
In his words, artistes are more fragile than normal people; however they must understand that they are role models to millions of people.

“No marriage can escape bad weather even my own, I dey sometimes see Oba for the matter but like I say, “marriage is not about being compatible but how couples deal with their incompatibility. Make I no hear una problems for loudspeakers again, joor.
AreaFada done talk him own,” he wrote.

One of those who was at the receiving end of Teebillz’ rant was Tuface Idibia, but it appears he is more bothered by the wellbeing of both parties. The entertainer took a swipe at those who have been making disheartening comments about Tiwa and Teebillz’ marital issues. “I’m so disgusted at some people that have been making distasteful jokes out of people’s real life heartbreaking predicament. GOD forgive u,” he tweeted.

Cool FM presenter, Freeze, who had earlier blamed Tiwa Savage for escalating the issue, made a u-turn after having a lengthy chat with the songstress. Describing his earlier post as ‘being bit insensitive’, the OAP said that it’s too late for regrets now. According to him, we all have to stop blaming either party and focus on praying for both of them.
Popular standup comedian Okey Bakassi shared his opinion, pleading that they (Tiwa and Teebillz) must have something special, which brought them together. He said instead of going their separate ways, they should “think.”

The rib cracker said, “Tiwa and Teebillz came together in the first place for a reason; there must have been a connection.

“Please, look back to that thing that brought you together. I don’t want to believe it is completely dead,” he added.

In her opinion, Nigerian actress Omoni Oboli, said there are sacrifices couples must make to uplift their relationship, give mutual respect and more.
According to the mother of four, “No marriage is perfect. There is not one marriage in this world that is perfect.

“The thing is to find that place where both of you can work out whatever issues that you have because it is sure thing to have issues in marriages. It’s impossible for you not to have issues but if you have made up your mind that you are going to be together, and you might as well be happy being together, you have to decide.

“Being happy in a marriage is a decision that you have to make. If you have decided to be happy, you will do everything it takes to be happy, so you are going to have some compromises here and there.

“If you were working 80 hours a week and it was affecting your marriage, you might have to cut it down to 70 or 60. Marriage is about compromise; give a little, take a little,” the Delta-born thespian added.

For Television On Air Personality(OAP), IK Oskioduwa, the idea of family issues being displayed on the social media is shocking.

He said, “I hate for someone to be talking about my marriage.”
“I think everybody should leave everybody’s marriage alone, let us sort out our marriage ourselves,” he added.

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