Sex drive killer foods: the guilty 5

Adams Odunayo
These foods are commonly eaten by lots of people without knowing it effects on libido.

1. Peppermint
There is this notion that chewing gums acts as an aphrodisiac. But it can actually get you to feel on the decline, especially when it is a peppermint flavour. “The menthol present in the mouth fresheners lowers testosterone levels,” says Dr. Bappaditya Mondal.


2. Alcohol
alchoMany people think alcohol has a way of setting the mood right…but scientists have kicked against it. Dr. Mondal says that apart from decreasing your testosterone levels, alcohol also makes your stomach bloat and have this feeling of fullness. And this certainly doesn’t sound perfect for a sensuous act!

3. Apple
appleSurprised? Apple is high in insulin, which can easily risk your testosterone levels. Need we say more?



4. Beans
beansBeans is of high-fibre content, it produces ‘hard-to-digest’ sugar which lowers libido. According to Dr. Mondal, “Since it produces methane gas, it gives a feeling of fullness and thus is not recommended before having sex.”


5. Canned foods
canLooking for a quick food to munch before you get into action and all you could grab is a canned food? You will need to have a rethink! BPA used in canned foods is bad for testosterone levels and should be avoided.





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