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Tourism: The Legalisation of Cannabis Around The World And Its Effect On Tourists

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The legal cannabis movement in around 40 countries (at least in part) for the recreational purpose have widened the traveling horizons for those who like to sniff, inject, smoke or consume this drug in any form either legally or illegally. Events like ‘Ganja Goddess Getaway’ organized in the month of May, in the South of San Francisco, is the proof that sex is no bar as far as the love for cannabis is concerned.

Here, this is a time period assigned specially to contemporary women to indulge in yoga, informational classes, spa treatment besides enjoying smoking cannabis in glass bongs for sale and its consumption which is served in every conceivable form be it lab-tested vape juice (smoking or inhalation), smoothies or tablets, CBD gummies (oral), best CBD skincare like lotions or creams (topical).

Different names with which people in different countries know cannabis are marijuana, ganja, hashish, reefers, spliffs, etc. While in a few countries’ consumptions of top indica seeds is legal and has seen relaxation in rules and regulation for adults, the others are still very strict about legalization. In countries like Georgia and South Africa, legalized possession and consumption of cannabis and sales are still out of the jurisdiction. In countries like Canada, few amendments in the law had been witnessed in October 2018 that makes it all legal; possessing, purchasing from online dispensaries, growing and sharing of cannabis within the country.

Coming Forward With a Quality Drug
The step towards legality has drawn millions of dollars to the countries, favoring the drug. This is feasible owing to the fact that cannabis tourism is gaining ground faster than the expected pace. The global demand for this drug is very huge and hence it is cultivated and traded worldwide from legal areas such as Canada where the germination of the cannabis plant from the budget buds is carried out carefully and scientifically using different methods.

Love for the tourism and cannabis clubbed together has led to the formation of various cannabis tours in which novices, as well as the habitual to cannabis, travel across borders to know the prominent cannabis producer, how they grow their weeds and the regions of its production, the possible methods of its consumption and how to acquire it online.

The Emergence of Cannabis Tourism
Cannabis tourism has emerged as a very big business in the places where the drug has been legalized for recreational purposes. Such as Mexico, the District of Columbia, Canada, Colorado, California, North America, Uruguay, etc. According to the ‘Marijuana Business Factbook’, the legal financial market of cannabis will experience a hike of around 223% from the year 2017 to 2022.

In Canada, cannabis tourism is also known as ‘high tour’ as numerous dispensaries are operative in different cities here that provide the legal opportunity to the guest to consume cannabis in relaxing locations. The revenue earned from the cannabis sale is one of the driving force behind legalizing cannabis production as its growth sparks cannabis tourism. During summer festivals or other events, Americans and people from all over the world come to Canada to try cannabis varieties without any fear of getting into legal trouble.

Cannabis Tourism As A Whole Package
Wine and weed tours across the world ( read region where cannabis are legal) are becoming very popular in places like California where the tourist can board party buses, smoke or vape their favorite cannabis or CBD vape oil, visit wineries and dispensaries where cannabis are served legally. The puff and paint events organized here include tasting your flavor of cannabis ( Indica or Sativa) and wines along with painting your own masterpiece as Sativa cannabis has the cerebral effect that increases focus and creativity.

With the legalization of cannabis, the hotel and restaurant businesses are also flourishing in the areas of legalized cannabis as many people visit a coffee shop, marijuana serving restaurants and hotels, garden and growing sites of this herb, weed- theme-based cooking classes. They do so to taste the drugs especially, which in turn means money multiplying there.

Online Webinars and Text Material to Educate The Tourists
Different Travel and Tourism councils host webinars that aims to collect the trend of cannabis tourism. Major newspapers in the city of San Francisco features sections that have detailed stories and information regarding the best places worth visiting for marijuana tourism and tasting.

Few cannabis tour companies are now emphasizing the educational empowerment of the participants regarding growing cannabis, their usage along with steroids, largest cannabis stores in the world. These are also helping and guiding in purchasing of herb from online and offline market places, the side effects of prolonged use and medicinal benefits of consuming cannabis in restricted quantity.

Cannabis Tourism is here to stay
The cannabis tourism industry is certainly not showing any sign of slowing down owing to the fast pace with which it is booming across the world. The first cannabis tour, featuring in TripAdvisor is also known as ‘Green Tour’. In the tour are included the well-educated genre of tourists of the age group of 13 to 75 years, some engaged in professions like lawyers, doctors, etc. This lays emphasis on the fact that cannabis curiosity will not die in its consumers and novices any soon.

Source: themarijuanaherald.com

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