Tourism: Data reveals North African artists top most streamed content on Spotify in the Arab region


North African countries in the Arab world are streaming local content on Spotify more than neighbouring Arab countries, according to an exclusive data shared with The National shows.

According to, the music streaming giant has looked at its top artists and songs of 2021 in 11 countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.

The data shows that local and regional artists dominate the top artists list in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt with names such as Didine Canon 16, ElGrandeToto and A.L.A. dominating the top list.

In Egypt, Amr Diab continues to maintain his place among the country’s top five artists, after trap artist Wegz, who has come in at number one.

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Meanwhile, international top artists include BTS, Masked Wolf, Drake and The Weeknd.

While rap remains a big genre in North Africa, Mahraganat in Egypt remains popular, being the second most-streamed Spotify genre. Aqwa El Mahragant was the top playlist in the country, right after hip-hop playlist Melok el Scene.

In Palestine, like North African countries, local artists and songs are streamed, with Shabjdeed among its top artists.

However, that is not the case in Jordan or Lebanon. Songs like Inn Ann by Daboor, Amrikkka by Shabjdeed and Adham Nabulsi’s Han AlAn make Palestine’s top songs of the year.

In Gulf countries, international hit songs remain the most popular, with the exception of traditional folkloric songs called Sheilat in Saudi Arabia.




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