Tourism: Epe Resort, an Ecofriendly destination for lovers, tourists, corporate retreats

Epe Resort, an Ecofriendly destination for lovers, tourists, corporate retreats

With its ecofriendly environment and temperate weather, Epe Resort and Spa is no doubt, a haven for lovers, honeymooners and a perfect arena for corporate retreat. Fun-seekers from different parts of the country grope the Eco- friendliness of the resort at anytime of the year. About 5.55pm on Sunday, when The Guardian reporter drove into the premises of Epe Resort and Spa, the temperature was at 31 degree Celsius. But it went back to 22 degree Celsius about 7a.m the following day.

Tweets from different birds around woke one up from bed, yet the friendly weather would not want one out of bed soon. Different birds flew from one side of the resort to the other, as the day got brighter. Grasses at the resort flatten in waves with each gust of wind, only to spring up as fresh as a bunch of flowers right after. It was nothing like the uniform green of the pasture back home that almost looked combed.

Peacefulness best describes the nature of the resort situated at the end of Epe-Lekki Expressway, Epe, an outskirt of Lagos city. The air and the endless clear sky lure tourists to relax and dream, therewith touching their soul. In fact, the calmness of the location creates a distinction between Epe resort and the usual hustle and bustle of Lagos city. A day spent at the resort would never amount to waste, as nature speaks of the glory of God there and the experience was mind-blowing. The resort is an ideal place for honeymoon, wedding anniversary and conferences. Couples can easily relax. One out of many couples that visited there for the Democracy Day holiday shared same bungalow with The Guardian. The couple, (names withheld), said they were having one of the best moments of their life. They said: “Epe Resort is an ideal place for lovers who want to rejuvenate their marital vows”.

According to the Operation Manager of the Resort, Mr. Bruce Prins, the resort offers sanctuary to those who wish to rest their weary minds and rejuvenate their spirits. “As it is adjacent to various lagoons and amongst a lush indigenous forest, you are sure to find an ambience that is peaceful and contented. “It stands for retreat destination; honeymoon and people come here to hide away from the usual Lagos noise. Many couples come to renew their marital vows here. Couples also come for a retreat at the resort. IW5 comes here about five times a year. They bring couples here to work on their relationship. The unforgettable experiences they had keep bringing them back,” he said. The 40-room world-class resort showcases the cream of Nigerian culture while delivering the ultimate in personalised service, social styles and business reliability. The spacious and comfortable guest rooms offer king-size beds; adorned in regional décor. Some highlighted by a viewing deck, overlooking the fabulous gardens of the resort. A number of rooms even have inter-leading bedrooms suitable for families with children.

The resort Restaurant
One side of the wall of this restaurant was decorated with different works of arts and each readily appeal to anyone coming to have a buffet. The choice of music played at the restaurant blends well with the time of the day and the mood the gathering depicts. Services rendered by staff of the resort were of the world standard. They carefully treat guests as special regards. Couples and family who came for dinner left with an expression of satisfaction on their faces. Bruce explained why it was so. He said: “The quality service rendered by our professional staff is another uniqueness of this resort. Our job is to provide best services to the people and we leave guests with the option of telling the good story of their encounter. Sometimes tourists could be difficult in their demands but our staffs are trained to render satisfactory services.” Facilities at the resort are also of the world standard. Tourists enjoyed a great time playing table tennis, basketball, chess, cards and riding bicycles.

Despite the fact that it rained cats and dogs that Sunday night; couples and tourists still found time to catch fun at the poolside. Though tourists find the destination to be a bit far, the blend of nature and pleasure at the resort makes them forget the distance traveled in a hurry. The journey appears shorter while coming back to the city. As for their major clientele, Bruce said: “Corporate, local and international customers come around for a getaway. We have some politicians, traditional leaders, businessmen, churches, corporate organisations and couples that come here for a getaway.” Disappointingly, the Spa seems not to be in existence. Perhaps, plans to build it are under way.

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