Tourism: NaijaFoods by NIHOTOUR thrills delegates at first ever Bleisure event Abuja Jabamah 2022


Abuja Jabamah 2022 may have come and gone but it will be remembered as one of the best moments of Nigerian tourism as delegates were treated to cuisine from the geo political zones of Nigeria courtesy of NAIJAFOODS by The National Institute for Hospitality & Tourism (NIHOTOUR).

The event which was held at the beautiful Kaspaland Park inside the National Stadium had edikaikong with eba (from the South South ), to gbegiri ewedu with amala (from the south West), to ofe onugbu with fufu (from the south East), to dambum nama (from the North), palm wine from the South East; zobo, kunu zaki, fura, cucumber mint from the North. Other food on display was peppered goat-meat, roasted plantain (bole), barbecued fish, peppered chicken and snails.

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There was a kayaking session, where delegates took turns to show off their boating skills. The in house Dj did not disappoint as he kept everyone dancing, as he dished out hit after after.

The unique ambiance of the venue, which featured the combination of water and other natural elements, made the gathering more exciting and offered people the rare privilege of savouring natural feel while doing business and relaxing at the same time.

According to the organiser Mr. Ikechi Uko, the Bleisure event it is set to disrupt the event space In Nigeria. “In 2020 we organised the first PHYGITAL event in Nigeria the Lagos World Tourism Day.

After that, hybrid events went mainstream, we held weekly Zoom Conferences for 6 months as part of Naija7Wonders and now we are giving Nigerians Bleisure.”

Bleisure is a combination of Leisure and Business. It is be an experiential event that engages the 5 senses. Abuja Jabamah was to enable participants see, touch, taste, smell and hear the City of Abuja.


By Chigozie Chukwuemeka



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