Tourism: Nigerian Citizens Association In South Africa Debunks Rumoured Arrest Of Kidnap Suspect From Nigeria


The Nigerian Citizens Association South Africa (NICASA) has debunked a report which stated that a Nigerian national was arrested in a kidnap incident in South Africa.

According to, it was reported that a Nigerian was arrested for kidnapping in Polokwane, a city in the South African province of Limpopo.

However, the Nigerian community, which is still mourning the loss of its prominent member, Sola Solarin, who was murdered in Tembisa, Gauteng last Sunday, has debunked the report.

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NICASA speaking through one of its officials who shared the findings of probe into the rumour, said, “I developed an interest in following up the case of a brother, who is a taxifier, and was yesterday alleged to be a kidnapper. I visited the police station in Polokwane alongside the NICASA vice-chairperson, Honourable Olumide and one other. We spoke to the police at their office; the police made it known to us that an alleged person is not a criminal till proven guilty.

“However, there was no case or docket opened by the accuser (the girl). We also learnt that the accuser was rendered transportation service by our brother, and on getting to her terminal, she didn’t have money to pay up, and that made our brother to take a decision of taking her to police station, at the corner of Bodestine Street and church (close to police station) she screamed, and people and traffic cops came.

“The police spokesperson told us, it was not kidnapping, but a misunderstanding and failure to pay up by the girl. The girl has also apologised to our brother. I hereby make this statement without equivocation that our brother is not a kidnapper or criminal. He is a law-abiding Nigerian and will like to advise all Nigerians to desist from further speculations and assumptions, as this is from the police station,” Nigeriabroad quoted him as saying.




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