Tourism: Over 300 Tanzanians tourists to climb Africa’s highest mountain to mark 60th Independence Anniversary


More than 300 Tanzanians tourists are set to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, as part of celebrations to mark the east African nation’s 60th Independence Anniversary on Dec. 9, a minister said on Sunday.

According to, Mount Kilimanjaro, one of Tanzania’s leading tourist destinations, is about 5,895 meters above sea level, with roughly 50,000 trekkers from across the world attempting to reach the summit of the mountain annually.

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Damas Ndumbaro, the Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, said so far 121 climbers have already registered for the historical expedition themed: The Kilimanjaro Climb Campaign. Tanzania gained independence on Dec. 9, 1961.

Ndumbaro told a press conference in Tanzania’s safari capital Arusha that the climb has been jointly organized by the government and a private tour operator called Zara Tours based in Moshi, at the foot of the mountain

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