Tourism: Research Shows South Africa, Tunisia, Morocco Others Among 5 African Countries With The Best Quality Of Life


A new research has shown that South Africa, Tunisia, Morocco, Kenya and Egypt have been listed as countries with the best quality of life in the continent.

According to, Numbeo, a global provider of perceived consumer prices and other statistics, has conducted the research.

As Business Insider Africa reported, the quality of life index measures living conditions within countries, using quantifiable yardsticks such as the purchasing power of the people and the quality of accessible healthcare. At 136.02, South Africa has the highest quality of life index score in Africa.
South Africa
Purchasing power index: 78.36.
Healthcare index: 63.97
Cost of Living index: 42.09.
Property price to income ratio: 3.07

Quality of life index: 114.56.
Purchasing power index: 27.83
Healthcare index: 56.54.
Cost of living index: 27.87,
Property price to income ratio: 11.75

Quality of life index: 107.54.
Purchasing power index: 34.36
Healthcare index: 46.69.
Cost of living index: 33.83

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Quality of life index: 92.54.
Purchasing power index: 32.18,
Healthcare index: 63.40.
Cost of living index: 33.92
Property price to income ratio: 24.24

Quality of life index: 89.87.
Purchasing power index: 21.54,
Healthcare index: 47.01
Cost of living index: 29.52.
Property price to income ratio: 12.04



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