Tourism: To Aid Applicants, South Africa opens E-Visa System for Nigerians and 13 other Countries


To enable Nigerians who want to visit the country, the South African government will launch an E-Visa system in August.

According to The Whistler, the information was made known by the Home Affairs SA.

The window was created early 2022 to simplify the process of getting visa online in about 14 countries including Nigeria. This is to facilitate tourism and boost the country’s economic vision.

The Home Affairs office had said “The tourist module of the e-Visa has been activated in 14 countries thus far, including China, India, Kenya and Nigeria. As the President announced in the 2022 State of the Nation Address, the Department of Home Affairs will continue to streamline and modernise the visa application process to make it easier to travel to South Africa for the purposes of tourism, business and work.”



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