Africa: Witches at work? As plane get caught by Zipline in South Africa


The Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre says it has managed to rescue two people from a small private plane that’s caught in a zip line in the North West.

The centre’s Funky White says the pair is unharmed and currently receiving medical attention.

She says while the plane is still hanging on the zip line near Sun City, it’s not yet clear how it got there.

White says there’ll be an investigation into the cause of this unusual incident.
“They have just rescued both patients and we’re waiting to get them down so they can get full medical care.”

The incident has drawn a crowd of onlookers who say the people trapped in the plane don’t appear to be hurt.

An eyewitness describes what he’s seen: “There is a rumour that they are part of the nature conservation that people in the Pilanesberg uses but there is no confirmation on any of that. The plane is hanging upside down and others are trying to rescue them.”

By Bonga Dlulane

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