Tourism: 6 African Countries are among the Top 10 Most Dangerous destinations in the World


The 10 most dangerous countries in the world for 2019 for travellers have been revealed in a new study.

The riskiest nations in the worlds have been pinpointed on a map by a global risk and security consultancy.

Drum Cussac ranked countries from least to most risky using 20 different risk markers grouped under five main categories.

Their Intelligence and Analysis Services team examined risks of security, political, medical, environmental and infrastructural.

The Middle East and North Africa emerged as the riskiest destinations for travellers.
Syria was named as the number one riskiest country, categorised as “Extreme Risk.”
This means “threats are critical and travellers should avoid the area unless extraordinary risk management measures are in place,” said Drum Cussac.

Syria appeared in the top infrastructural, medical and political risk lists as well as the overall top 10 risky destinations.

Infrastructural risks included road safety and standards, provision of utilities such as electricity, cybercrime and aviation security and standards.

Medical risks included presence of diseases, standard of medical facilities, access to water and availability of pharmaceuticals.

And political risks included government stability, levels of corruption, political interference and sanctions.

The second most dangerous country was identified as Yemen followed by Afghanistan in third place.

In fourth and fifth place respectively were Libya and The Republic of South Sudan.
The rest of the top 10 riskiest countries consisted of Somalia, Central African Republic, Iraq, Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi.

High risk is throughout North and Central Africa due to infrastructural, environmental and medical risks.

There is an ongoing regional threat of diseases such as malaria, cholera and typhoid couple with a generally poor access to medical facilities and medication.

Drum Cussac said: “Travellers may also find it challenging to get around certain due to poor aviation safety standards and large areas of poorly maintained roads that make driving difficult.

“There’s also been a growing lawlessness in regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo and its neighbours driven by criminals and militias taking advantage of fractured governments.”

Europe and North America were unsurprisingly revealed to be much safer to travel to. “The quality of infrastructure is generally much higher, accessibility to medication, water, etc is plentiful and aside from the occasional protest or strike, countries in these regions are generally very stable,” said Drum Cussac.

Aruba, a small, Dutch-owned Caribbean island, was revealed to the least risky country in the world.

If World War Three were to occur – which may not be as far away as Britons may think, with constant threats looming – the UK’s secret bunkers have been revealed.

Top 10 countries for overall risk
1. Syria
2. Yemen
3. Afghanistan
4. Libya
5. The Republic of South Sudan
6. Somalia
7. Central African Republic
8. Iraq
9. Democratic Republic of Congo
10. Burundi



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