9 most globalized countries in Africa

Morocco is the most globalized country in Africa, according to Swiss Economic Institute KOF Index of Globalization 2016.

Released last Friday, the report ranked Morocco 57th out of 207 countries, followed by Mauritius 58th, South Africa 61st, Egypt 66th, Tunisia 81st, Seychelles 82nd, Namibia 98th, Senegal 99th, and Nigeria 103rd.

According to the index, the Netherlands topped the list, ahead of Ireland and Belgium, which topped last year’s ranking.

The index is primarily based on the economic dimension of globalization, with particular reference to the extent of cross-border trade, investment and revenue flows in relation to Gross Domestic Product (GDP), as well as the impact of trade and capital transaction restrictions.

The index also takes into account the social dimension of globalization, which is categorized into several telecommunication mediums, including the fluidity cross-border contacts in the form of telephone calls and letters. Additionally, the size of the resident foreign population, tourist flows, the media accessibility (both foreign and domestic), and openness to international business all affect the ratings.

With respect to the political dimension of globalization’s measure, the index looks at the number of foreign embassies in the country’s territory, the number of international organizations in which the country is a member, and the number of the country’s bilateral and multilateral agreements.
KOF Swiss Economic Institute is one of the leading polling organizations in Switzerland. It acts as an intersection that between the research community and general public in matters of politics and sociology.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com



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