Africa: Why 4 Generations of Airlines have failed in Nigeria-Olowo

Why 4 Generations of Airlines have failed in Nigeria-Olowo

The Aviation Safety Round Table Initiative (ASRTI) President, Mr. Gbenga Olowo has given his voice to the recent take-over of Arik Air by the Asset Management Company of Nigeria, AMCON.

He said other airlines in the country not only Arik Air should be looked into for better operations.

“Treating the Arik case in isolation will be to trivialize the magnitude of the problem.  Going back to almost 40 years, government airline Nigeria Airways failed, Pioneer Private airlines such as Okada, Kabo and so on failed. The Third generation airlines: ADC, Bellview, Chanchangi, Sosoliso and others failed. Fourth generation airlines: Richard Branson’s Virgin Nigeria, Air Nigeria among others failed. Believe me, given the same Nigeria operating environment the National carrier yet to be born will fail.”

Complaining about Nigeria factor in the failure of businesses, Olowo said, “it is a Nigerian business environmental factor. Business and Government are permanently at variance. Cost is permanently higher than Income. Tax overburden and infrastructural deficit erodes revenue steadily. Gazetted policies that will enhance performance are not implemented. Credit is not in the Nigeria business dictionary. Yet Aviation is prone to the most minute situation in the economy ranging from weather to politics, reckless holidays and more.”

“Needless to say that lack of will to do things right by leadership is the undoing of Nigeria and ditto Nigerian Airlines and businesses.

That is the real issue. It is a fundamental problem that needed surgical operation.”


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