Africa: COVID-19: How Tanzanian Tourism Company, Zara Tours Held A Symbolic Trek Up Mount Kilimanjaro In Solidarity and Promotion Of Travel


Tanzanian tourism company, Zara Tours, located in Moshi and key members of the organisation recently visited the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania to promote the travel industry in special symbolic climb up Mount Kilimanjaro.

According to, on December 9, 1961, the late former Tanzanian army officer Alexander Nyirenda, erected the Freedom Torch atop Mount Kilimanjaro. This was to symbolize peace, love, and respect to the people of Africa and a newly independent Tanzania.

A commemorative climb recently happened on December 9, 2021, to send a message of hope in containing the COVID-19 pandemic. The trek once again symbolized solidarity and promoted the “reopening” of travel to this area that generates most of its revenue from tourism.

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Travel was heavily impacted by the pandemic, and safety has been a focus to help curb the spread of the disease and keep both travelers and hosts safe. With vaccinations being administered across the continent, and safety measures in place, tourism is back on.

The flag placing event was a collaboration between Zara Tours, Tanzania National Parks, and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism. Together they worked exceedingly to attract people from around the world to celebrate this special 60-year celebration.

Over 150 climbers and 250 guides, porters, and other supporting staff participated in the event, becoming the largest group to trek up the majestic mountain. Seventy-nine climbers reached Uhuru Peak on December 19, 2021, and received certificates to celebrate their achievement. The event concluded with more celebration, food, and music.

The great mountain is synonymous with Africa itself – the backdrop of the Serengeti and the most beautiful pictures of Tanzania come from here as well. Every year, an average of 60,000 tourists visit the area and thousands of trekkers come with dreams of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa.

When Nyirenda first brought the Tanzanian flag to this peak in 1961, the country was newly independent, while retaining British monarchy. They became fully independent of the United Kingdom just two years later. This year, Tanzania declares independence from the global pandemic and reinvites the world to the beauty they offer.

Happy 60th Independence Day, Tanzania!



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