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Africa: Mohammed Hersi, urge Kenya Tourism Board to market Masai Mara as year-round tourists’ destination, highlight strategies to adopt

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Masai Mara

Former Chairman, Kenya Tourism Federation, Mohammed Hersi as bemoaned the relegation Masai Mara, one of the country’s tourism hot spots as a seasonal destination for tourist.

He said the destination should be promoted as an all-year-round tourism event to attract more tourists to the country.

Hersi in a write up said: “Masai Mara is our jewel, it’s world famous, then a fatal error happened. Migration was declared 8th wonder and pap world famous Masai Mara was reduced to a 3 months destination just like that Mara was killed.

“As tourism players and a challenge to both Kenya Tourism Board (KTB), Magical Kenya & County Government of Narok we must reposition Mara and make Mara a year-round destination besides quality of game is on another level. It has always been a year all round destination before that fatal announcement and we all swallowed the poisoned chalice.

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“Tanzania equally experienced the migration but they hardly hype it to avoid the mistake we made. They sell and promote Serengeti as an all-year-round destination. “
Ways to help Mara find it MOJO.

1. We must all drop those videos and pictures of wildebeest crossing a flooded river with waiting crocodiles. Adopt all rounded pics and videos showing full Masai Mara. The Chinese market have made it a ritual that they must see the migration which is wrong promotion of Mara in emerging market of China.

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2. From 2025 we should up the park rates for July to October for both local and international visitors then drop the rates in other months and even much lower during the wet months. What is the use of having 300 vehicles lining up along a river bank to the point of even blocking the entry and exit routes used by the migrating gnus. We must avoid changing park rates at short notice, main tour operators work 18 months in advance on the minimum and even two years in advance. Short notice rate changes cause serious upheaval and disruption to our international partners and you cannot pass the difference to the buyer. Once a sale has been made and paid for its a done deal.

3. Narok County government MUST stop licensing any new lodges unless it is a small eco lodge with minimal footprint. Mara is 15 time smaller than Serengeti but we have double the numbers of lodges and camps.

4. Mara is a premium park. It makes money. We must fix the roads, fix the airstrip.

5. As we fix the airstrips, we must also fix small terminals with clean wash rooms, lounge and wifi with a gift shop run by local women and youth. Departing visitors would love to spend to support the local community how will that happen when they are not enabled.

As always, I choose to remain an optimist

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