Africa:Heartbreaking things our daughters told us about politicians sponsoring Boko Haram, Sambisa – Chibok Pastor

Heartbreaking things our daughters told us about politicians sponsoring Boko Haram, Sambisa – Chibok Pastor

The recently released Chibok girls have revealed details of how some politicians allegedly sponsored the activities of the Boko Haram insurgents in the northeast for their personal gains.

According to a Chibok clergy called Pastor Bulus Baba from Kaya community in Chibok local government area of Borno state, his discussions with some of the girls revealed that some politicians reportedly played an active part in their abduction.

In an interview with Daily Post in Maiduguri, Pastor Bulus said the politicians reportedly did this in order to frustrate the administration of past president Goodluck Jonathan.

First, he said, the girls claimed they were not immediately driven into the forest as widely believed, but were first taken to a house in Borno Government Residential Area in Maiduguri where they stayed for two months before they were taken to Gwoza where they claimed that a top politician allegedly housed them in one of his residences for about 8 months.

They were however forced to head into Sambisa forest after a bomb was dropped on the compound by a Nigerian Airforce fighter jet. Some of the Chibok girls and other women abducted along with them were allegedly killed in the attack.

Bulus said: ”The girls said, they spent over 8 months in Gwoza local government area along with other abducted women. They said they were kept at a resident of one of the top politicians in that local government area until at a point when a fighter jet dropped bomb that touch part of the house killing some of the girls.”

The Boko Haram had released a video some time ago and claimed that the Nigerian Armed Forces mistakenly killed some civilians while dropping bombs. But the Nigerian Airforce denied killing civilians in its attack.

The girls said that after leaving Gwoza, they were divided into groups and while some severely sexually abused and others were forced to marry the militants.
The federal government however declared (upon release of 21 girls) that none of them had been abused.

Pastor Bulus said: “It was a sad story, we believe that those behind this evil will never go unpunished. For us in Chibok, we will keep praying that, those of them who are still being held by their captors shall gain freedom and be reunited with their families like these ones that came home.”

Meanwhile, in its determined counter-terrorism efforts, the Department of State Services says it has recorded major successes against criminal gangs, kidnap syndicates and Boko Haram terrorists across the country.
The agency says the successes have further degraded the capability of these elements to operate in the county.

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