Ghanaian Monarch who is a mechanic in Germany

This is the African King who rules his people via skype. Togbe Ngoryifia Céphas Kosi Bansah was born on April 22, 1948. He is simply known as Cephas Bansah. Cephas was born into a Ghanaian royal family. He is the developmental, superior and spiritual chief of Gbi area of Hohoe, in Eastern Ghana.

Funny enough, the African leader is a full-time mechanic in Germany. After his education, he became a German citizen and established his own mechanic workshop in Ludwigshafen. He had earlier worked as a mechanic apprentice in Germany during his student days. He has 2 German Master Craftsman certificates – as a mechanic for agricultural machinery and as a mechanic for vehicles.

As far back as the 70’s, Cephas had already relocated to Germany. He was there before he was made the king and leader of his people. He oversees the affairs of about 300,000 Ewe people in his diaspora location. As a result of his father’s left-handedness which the Ghanaian tradition sees as unclean, the kingship duties fell on Cephas. The mantle of leadership as king did not however deter his intention of training and working in Germany as a mechanic. Till date, it is worthy to note that this Ghanaian chief still works as a mechanic in Germany.

Cephas Bansah is married to a German woman and has 2 children. He had a flamboyant royal wedding in Germany years ago. From Germany he renders his kingship services. He shuttles both countries frequently and visits Ghana as often as possible. Cephas loves boxing. By 1975, he had become a flyweight champion.
He summarizes his sojourn in Germany as a personal quest “to gain an insight into the ‘typical’ German attitudes – the inflexible sense of duty, discipline, diligence, and ambition.” His sole responsibility to his people is to foster development in the community. Therefore, this ‘personal quest’ of his is actually to the favour of his office as developmental chief. In any case, he does not exclude the part of exploring his mechanic engineering skills in Germany.
As an African leader who has his duties in mind, Cephas has set up a non-profit organization to raise funds for his people. In a philanthropic way, he partnered with some Germans to foster developments such as the provision of electricity, water and health care amenities for his people.
Cephas Bansah is an entertainer and musician. He has featured in the German media more often than not. Back home he is noted for his hardwork and devotion in serving his people, regardless of the distance.


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