Tourism: Goge Africa rebrands, launches 20th anniversary plans

After 19 years of promoting African Culture and Tourism, Goge Africa, one of the continent’s ambassadors in the sector has rebranded, unveiling its new Logo, as it plans to expand the brand’s portfolio.

At a well-attended media parley earlier today at the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) Ikoyi, foremost tourism and culture ambassadors; Nneka and Isaac Moses unveiled the new brand identity for Goge Africa -the award-winning tourism and culture media brand which first hit the airwaves on October 1,1999.

The celebrity couple shared their journey, challenges and future plans in an intimate session with selected members of the Nigerian media. Also, in attendance were TV Star Maymuna Abaji-Yahaya and also the CEO, Rave TV, Agatha Amata.

Narrating their past achievements, milestone tours and remarkable cultural experiences; Amb. Nneka Isaac-Moses, Managing Director, explained the imperative to rebrand the business and refocus her key services in order to better contribute to enterprise development through job creation, she emphasized that tourism and culture provide strong catalyst for growing the Nigerian economy, as well as other economies in Africa.

After screening an interesting video which chronicled the brand’s adventurous journey over the past 19 years, the Chief Executive Officer, Amb. Metche Isaac Moses explained the focus areas for the brand to include: Tourism, Events & Festivals, Culture, Consultancy, Media & Production and a Digital Craft Store.

Ahead of the 20th anniversary of Goge Africa, a sneak peek into the activities was shared; these include: an Anniversary Gala, Tourism and culture symposium/conference, Boat cruise and an African Tour to select cities. In addition, the non-profit arm of the organization, Goge Africa Foundation outreach for youths as well as a workshop for journalists who report on Tourism and Culture amongst many other activities.

When engaged by members of the press in attendance, the brand representatives expressed their willingness to partner more corporate organizations and individuals interested in exploring opportunities on the sector. They also emphasized the need for more young people to contribute innovative ways to develop the sector.

On the willingness of the government to invest in the sector in order for the economy to reap benefits of tourism and culture like other climes, Nneka Isaac Moses, Managing Director states; “We did not wait for government investment to begin. Just like Nollywood did not. We will continue to promote tourism until we get the commensurate interest and support to develop tourism and culture in Nigeria”.

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