Tourism: Ms Nigeria United Nations, Hadassah Ibinyingi Gloriana Allaputa shine at Akwaaba 2018

The 2018 Akwaaba African Travel Market may have come and gone but the memories generated from the yearly travel expo will still be edged in the hearts of those that graced the event and savoured from time to time, especially from the memories of the youth panel.

The youth panel of the 2018 Akwaaba was lit up by a large number of beauty queens who had come to grace the occasion. It was the first time in the history of the yearly event to have so many beauty queens attending Akwaaba and probably the first in any tourism event in Africa.

Among the beauty queens at the travel expo is Ms Nigeria United Nations, Hadassah Ibinyingi Gloriana Allaputa. Hadassah shone like stars at Akwaaba as she got everyone commending her for her comportment and her carriage. With her queenly crown on her head, decked in black dress and long flowing skirt, she walked gracefully to one stand after another to greet exhibitor at their stands.

Hadassah Ibinyingi Gloriana Allaputa is the current Ms Nigeria United Nations.
She will be representing Nigeria at the 2019 miss world United Nations finals in Dehli, India.
She studied mass communication. She is an entrepreneur, Speaker, project coordinator and beauty consultant.

She has volunteered for several charity organizations promoting SDGs “4”Quality Education and she is the Executive Director, Hope for Single Mothers Initiative ‘Dare To Dream Again’ and Girls with A Purpose International Network.
She enjoys, photography, make up artistry, traveling and tourism.

She is known for her passion to reach out to large network of young women especially the unmarried teenage mothers and underprivileged single mothers , helping them find there true purpose, and achieve personal greatness

She recently visited the IDP camp in Abuja, 12 communities in Bonny Local Government and 8 secondary schools in Rivers State and has reached over 1,225 young girls, 11 teenage mothers, 2 drop out school girls and over 400 single mothers who have been impacted through her NGO.

My goal is not just about winning the world crown at the global stage but also to utilize the opportunities the office as Queen ambassador to inspire and motivate the underprivileged unmarried teenage mothers and single mothers who have been fragmented to
pick up themselves and dream again. I believe that failure is not an excuse but the drive for knowledge, self-development and the determination to succeed is the key to fulfillment, “Dare to Dream Again, there is a better you on the other side” Queen Hadassah…

Promoting Tourism is also one of the biggest part of my duty as an outstanding beauty queen. I have visited lots of tourist attractions across Nigeria like Obudu cattle ranch, kwa water falls, Agbokim waterfalls,Cross River National park all in Cross Rivers State, Sumu wildlife park in Bauchi State , Idanre hills in Ondo state,Farinruwa falls in Nassarawa State,Olumiri waterfalls in Osun State. Lekki conservation center Lagos State. Nigeria is blessed with amazing tourist attractions situated in different parts of Nigeria, our food, our hospitality, our culture the people its greatly amazing that’s why a lot of people from all over Africa and around the world visit Nigeria.

The United Nation pageant has been conceptualized as a prestigious international pageant, which seeks to bring different representative from all over the world with different cultural diversity, promoting their country’s best attractions who will work diligently to make positive impact in their community.
Am proud to fly the flag of Nigeria at the 2019 Miss World United Nations finals in Delhi, India.



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