Tanzanian lawmaker questions use of Mt Kilimanjaro as KQ symbol

TanzaniaSame East MP Anne Kilango-Malecela speaks in Parliament during a past sitting

In Summary

  • Attorney General Frederick Werema said KQ or any other entity can use the tourist attraction as a symbol “because Tanzania has not taken out a patent for the mountain”.

Dodoma, Tanzania

A Tanzanian MP has demanded that her government issue a statement over an advertisement by a Kenyan airline, which according to her, misleads tourists that Mt Kilimanjaro is in Kenya.

  • During a Parliament session on Tuesday, Same East MP Anne Kilango-Malecela said she wanted to know why a Kenya Airways advertisement includes a picture of the mountain.
  • “Honourable Speaker, I have seen a Kenya Airways plane bearing Mount Kilimanjaro as a symbol and yet the (Tanzania) government is silent…the mountain is in Tanzania and is a leading tourist attraction,” she said.
  • The country’s Attorney General Frederick Werema however said it is not wrong for the airline or any other party to use Mount Kilimanjaro as a business symbol “because Tanzania has not taken out a patent for the mountain”.




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