Tourism: Is Lagos the “Least Liveable City in Africa and among the 5 African Cities in the Global Top 10?


Lagos is regarded as the financial capital of Nigeria and arguably the entertainment hub of Africa, dripping with some of the continent’s finest artists that are making Nigeria and Africa proud.

Surrounded by water, it is dotted about with so many beaches, an allure for fun seekers, and beach lovers.

The state was recently ranked among the top 10 lonely planet best cities to visit in 2022, according to “Lagos has champagne-soaked beach parties, a celebrated Afrobeat music scene and a world-class Fashion Week. This fervid, oil-rich metropolis on Nigeria’s southwest coast is bursting with creativity and demands a traveler’s attention.”

Moreso, the state was among the top 40 coolest cities in the world according to

The survey carried to determine the 40 coolest neighbourhoods in the world highlighted Opebi, a part of Ikeja district on Lagos Mainland as one of the serene places bubbling with activities.

According to a report also by, last year, CNN listed Onikan, a Lagos neighbourhood, as one of the coolest places to visit in the world.

So with the numerous attractions in the state, having some of the largest concentration of global African artists, and the mention in previous reviews as a must visit city, could Lagos be the “Least Livable City in Africa and still be among the 5 African Cities in the Global Top 10?

A recent report by Economist Intelligence Unit released listed the 10 most liveable cities across the globe as well as the world’s 10 least liveable cities, with Lagos listed as number one.

According to, the report noted that living conditions in Lagos, Nigeria; Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea; and Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh are among the worst in the world.

Its report , ”The Global Liveability Index 2021,” uses the combination of five factors to rate the liveability of all the cities across the globe.

The first three factors are: Stability (level of crime and conflict), Healthcare (presence and quality of healthcare) as well as Environmental/Cultural factors (climate, religious restrictions, food and drinks).

Others are: Education (quality and availability of private or public education), and infrastructure (quality of roads, public transport, provision of water, housing, energy and telecommunications).

“A consistently low stability score, owing to ongoing civil unrest and military conflicts, is the reason behind most of these cities featuring in the bottom ten. However, conditions have deteriorated even further as a result of Covid-19—particularly for healthcare,” the report stated.

Of the top 10 least liveable cities, five can be found in Africa. Below is the liveability rating for these African cities:
1. Lagos, Nigeria is ranked as the least liveable city in Africa.
Rank: 139
Rating: 38.5
Stability: 20
Healthcare: 20.8
Culture and Environment: 41.0
Education: 25.0
Infrastructure: 46.4

2. Algiers, Algeria
Rank: 136
Rating: 34.1
Stability: 35
Healthcare: 29.2
Culture and Environment: 37.3
Education: 41.7
Infrastructure: 30.4

3. Tripoli, Libya
Rank: 135
Rating: 34.2
Stability: 30
Healthcare: 29.2
Culture and Environment: 33.8
Education: 41.7
Infrastructure: 41.1

4. Harare, Zimbabwe
Rank: 133
Rating: 36.6
Stability: 40
Healthcare: 12.5
Culture and Environment: 44.4
Education: 58.3
Infrastructure: 35.7

5. Douala, Cameroon
Rank: 132
Rating: 38.6
Stability: 60
Healthcare: 12.5
Culture and Environment: 40.3
Education: 25.0
Infrastructure: 42.9







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