Tourism: Liliane Rubengebenge Managing Director Fantastic Travel and Tours, Burundi Wins Africa Travel 100 Women Award

Fantastic Travel

The Managing Director, Fantastic Travel and Tours, Burundi, Liliane Rubengebenge has won the coveted Africa Travel 100 Award which recognises exceptional women in the travel and tourism sector.

Liliane Rubengebenge has over 21 years managing an IATA accredited travel agency, Fantastic Travel and Tours.

She has been operating in the Tourism sector for over 30 years. Since 1993, she began her first job at Air Burundi, after 2 years of studies in a higher institute of Commerce.

She was respectively flight attendant, counter sales agent, sales manager. During her work at Air Burundi, she had a lot of training, especially in various GDS for booking plane tickets. She is a hard worker.

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She has easy contacts and has traveled a lot. She is passionate about sport.
In 2000, she left Air Burundi to found a travel agency, Fantastic Travel and Tours, which she is managing with passion since 21 years.

She has been trained by BBIN (Burundi Business Incubator) to better control the finances of a company.

She is a member of several associations, such as;
-Association of Travel Agencies (ABAV) of which she chairs
-HTB (Sectorial chamber of hotel and tourism in Burundi)
-She was a member of steering committee of EATP (East African Tourism Platform)
In 2010, she opened a branch of the agency in Bukavu(Democratic Republic of Congo)



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