Tourism: Walter Joe of Sigo adventures, Zambia presents Zambezi the longest East-flowing River in Africa on the Wonders of Africa zoom conference


The 5th episode of the Wonders of Africa webinar was an exciting show as panelists from Ghana, and Zambia, as well as the African Diaspora in Belize and Brazil took the faithful audience on an educative and intriguing adventure.

Walter Joe Syakalonga of Sigo Adventures and Tours took the audience sailing on the mighty Zambezi through Livingstone to the majestic Victoria Falls, all the way to Lake Kariba.

Africa’s fourth longest river, it follows The Nile, The Congo/Zaire, and the Niger.

Zambezi begins its journey at about 1,500m (4,900ft) above sea level in the Mwinilunga District, Zambia, very close to the border with Angola. The river either crosses or forms the boundaries of six countries— Angola, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.

By far the most fascinating feature of the Zambezi River is the mighty Victoria Falls –Not to be left out, other well-known falls over which the river cascades are the Chavuma Falls in north-west Zambia, and widely inaccessible Ngonye Falls in western Zambia.

Despite its huge length, bridges crossing the Zambezi are few and far between. Notable crossings include the historic Victoria Falls Bridge, the Katima Mulilo Bridge between Namibia and Sesheke in Zambia, the Tete Suspension Bridge in Mozambique and the Otto Beit Bridge at Chirundu in Zimbabwe
The Zambezi River is home to arguably the world’s best and most thrilling one-day white water rafting.

Just right below the Victoria Falls, 24 fearsome rapids have been formed in a stretch of river that winds its ways through the Batoka Gorge.

The rapid range from Grade III to Grade V – Battle your way through rapids such as The Devil’s Toilet Bowl, Morning Glory, The Gnashing Jaws of Death, Oblivion, and The Ugly Stepsisters.

Zambezi River runs through many game reserves and national parks, it provides habitats to a diverse range of games, birdlifes and fish species. Wildlife to be spotted on a game drive along its banks, or a cruise within its waters include elephant, hippos, crocodiles, water buck, buffalo, zebras, lion e.t.c.

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