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Why private air travel is a necessity than luxury

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UNLIKE popular belief about private air travel, big corporations and Why private air travel is a necessity than luxurybusinesses are of the view that such flight is deemed more of a necessity over luxury. While an average traveller sees executive private jet travel as a mere fantasy, big firms that require extensive business traveling on a day to day basis, can debate how much time and more effective private air traveling is to the company. According to them, the bottom line is the main drive and focus of any company. And all successful companies can argue that time equals money and the more time is wasted the more money is being loss. However, with the increase and hassle of security in major airports, they argued that much time is being wasted standing in lines, checking in, and so forth, but having a private jet, they said allowed for efficiency and savings within the company.

Also, some companies can request for departure from airports that are smaller in nature in their area. This is because time is saved at local airports due to the convenience of lower security requirements, as departure time is set by passenger verses charter airline, and, unless under extreme circumstances, the flight will depart on time every time. Most people have pointed that business jets actually provide a wide range of conveniences that are of especially high demand for business needs. For instance, NEXA Advisors’ most recent study on business aviation and the world’s top performing companies concluded that companies using business jets were likely to outperform non-users on revenue growth, innovation, employee satisfaction and market share.

In addition, the less quantifiable but equally important benefits of private air travel include on-demand flight schedules, the ability to conduct business privately during flights, as well as more direct access to companies’ sites (which may not be well-served by scheduled airlines). “For those unfamiliar with air charter costs, prices can initially be a bit intimidating. Still, it may surprise many to know that while generally a private charter flight will cost more than a first-class commercial flight, private charter can actually be remarkably economic – particularly in cases of flying in a small group or to a remote location. “Another potential cost saving benefit is the ability to reach multiple business-related locations in a single day, thus avoiding overnight stays and hotel fees, said Vitalij Kapitonov, the CEO of KlasJet.

Aside that, you do not have to arrive hours before your flight time to go through security lines and can delay the aircraft’s departure time if you’re running later than expected. Moreover, there are more than 5 000 airports that can accommodate private aircraft (as opposed to 500 airports for larger commercial aircraft), so you can actually land closer to your destination, thereby reducing ground transport time. “Of course, private jets are far from having monopolized the market yet. To meet the demands of premium travellers, many commercial airlines like Etihad and Air France are starting to bring the private jet feel to their commercial jets. “However, usually if a company or a person can afford a private jet ticket for their upcoming trips, they will do so. Therefore, the trend towards private jet or enhanced first class travel will only continue to grow”, said KlasJet.

So, business executives are arguing that even though the plane provides leather seating, perfect legroom, and no one can really complain about the inflight entertainment, those things just come with the territory. The main focuses are effective time management, lowering the cost of hotel and meal plans, safer travels with private escort and security, and not to mention flight costs being 100 per cent tax deductible, many executives of large companies are opting for private jet travels verses charter airlines. In fact, many believe that private jet travels are becoming more effective that when push comes to shove, in cutting budget costs, many financial planners of the big corporations are opting to budget cut elsewhere and keep a budget for private jet travels. As corporate profitability continues to improve globally, the demand for business-related private air travel rises accordingly.

According to experts, many times, very important people are escorted from business negotiations and meetings. This, in the end, provides a more private and safer transport from airport to aircraft. Private jets are constantly monitored, so if any suspicions were to arise, inspections can be conducted in a timely manner without major chaos.   Since time is money, being plugged in to the company at all times is the key. Executives strive on being connected to their business constantly and private jet services offer the best way to do that and still get from one destination to the other safely. Private jets are equipped with state of the art technology. In flight meetings, strategy negotiations, and phone and video chats can all be conducted in the air. Or passengers can conduct personal business and check in with loved ones during this time.

A major savings for companies by using private jet services is in hotels and meals. Private jets can have an executive passenger to the destination and back home a lot quicker than charter airlines. If the schedule allows, a private jet can be stationed to get the passenger home promptly after the event. This wipes hotel costs and extended meal finances off the budget list, noted experts. In fact, major of airlines may see several thousand passengers a day, whereas private jets may only see a couple passengers within the same time frame, the ability to offer extravagant services are more feasible with a private jet company. They however, maintained that the private jet is easier to maintain and keep up with when not as many travellers are disrupting its luxury. Keeping the executive at ease and comfortable, in the end, helps in better business decisions.

Since owning a private aircraft requires high maintenance costs, chartering private jets have become the most effective and functional alternative for air travel. For those who go for private flight, practical, fast, and comfortable are the words to describe the popular way to fly. With just a call, you can specify the aircraft type and destination, and within hours you can have a private plane on a runway, ready to carry passengers within or outside the country.


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