Nigeria and its perception problems


Yesterday, I did some research on virtually every crime that Nigeria has been stereo-typed for, currently, and in the recent past, from credit card fraud, to drug peddling, to immigration infractions, to violent crimes.

The truth is that perception and reality are usually two different things. When a stereo-type is more of a perception than reality, you quietly work against that stereo-type, YOU DO NOT ECHO IT.

Nigeria is perceived by many to be a country with fraudulent people, but Indonesia and Venezuela currently top the list for fraud. United States and Mexico top the list for fraud of the credit card variety.

Nigeria is perceived by many to have many citizens involved in drugs. But raw data reveals that Mexico and Colombia are the drug capitals of the world. There has been a drug war in Mexico that has claimed tens of thousands of lives. Afghanistan and Pakistan are the opium capitals of the world.

Nigeria is perceived by many to be a hotbed of crime. Raw data will show you that Honduras and Venezuela are the homicide capitals of the world. In the United States, more people have died of gun violence in two years, than Nigerians have died from Boko Haram’s terror.

The same Nigeria has 1 million citizensliving in London alone, but a President would rather ECHO the less than 500 prisoners in their jails.

The same Nigeria has over 10,000 Doctors in the United States.

The same Nigerians are acclaimed to be one of the most wellread diaspora communities in North America.

The same Nigeria has their music and art taking the continent and globe by storm.

Keep on looking for the bitter truth while others package their own shame. People who are guilty of worse crimes are telling your story, and you stupidly lap it all up, hook, line, sinker and Fisherman, from a tactless President to a clueless citizenry. Tomorrow when they call you stupid, you wonder why.

~~~ Obinna Aligwekwe

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