Africa: Mindblowing as NTL set to sponsor 100 Tourism Enthusiasts to Idere Hills this Easter


In an era full of challenges for the tourism industry, tourism for young people is a very important market segment, being a resource for change and innovation.

World youth tourism industry is estimated to be approximately 190 million international travelers per year.

According to UNWTO forecasts, 2020 will be about 300 million young people who will travel in a year, accounting for 320 billion dollars in market value.

Nigeria Tourism Lovers (NTL) is a platform managed and directed by a group of renowned Tourism practitioners in Nigeria (Ibrahim Makanjuola and Nwanchukwu Kingsley) who have traveled to almost every corners of the country.

During the just concluded Abuja Jabamah Bleisure Event held in Abuja, Nigeria, they were awarded BEST DOMESTIC TRAVELLERS in 2021.

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The Nigeria Tourism Lovers is a platform that helps the youth participate in tours within Nigeria at a relatively low cost, enlightening the younger generation about tourism and how to tap into the limitless opportunities existing in the Tourism Industry while promoting the local culture, tradition, food and various tourism destinations so as to attract foreign participation.

As part of their goals and objectives to promote and Enable Nigerians travel within Nigeria, they’ve geared towards sponsoring over 100 tourism enthusiasts to Idere Hills in Oyo state Nigeria this Easter.

For young people, travel is a form of learning, a way to meet other people, a way to have contact with other cultures, a source of career development, a means of self – development, an essential part of everyday life, a brief escape from reality

By Patrick Wisdom



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