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Africa: Numbeo Research Shows That South Africa, Seychelles, and Kenya Top The List of African Nations with the Best Healthcare Systems According to Healthcare Systems Index

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In a recent report, Nairametrics unveils a compilation of African countries boasting the most robust healthcare systems, drawing insights from the Healthcare Systems Index

According to nairametrics.com, Good healthcare systems can greatly improve the quality of life and life expectancies. Access to healthcare services helps you easily detect health issues on time and take the necessary steps towards treatment. It also protects the population from health threats, empowers communities and reduces disease spread.

Even though Africa has generally struggled with its healthcare sector, different countries on the African continent provide different levels of healthcare services depending on their health systems.

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There are countries doing better in providing good healthcare services. In this article, we will dive into the data comparing the components of the healthcare systems of different African countries.

This list is curated from Numbeo, a research organisation focused on data that focuses on the quality of life.

It pulls data from its data bank to create a current index called the Healthcare index.

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The healthcare index estimates the country’s healthcare system’s overall quality, as well as the quality of staff, doctors’ equipment and other factors. The index uses the satisfaction rates of contributors on seven components of each country’s healthcare system. The calculations were made using Java programming language.

  1. Morocco
    Healthcare Index: 45.17

Morocco stands in eighth place with an index of 45.17. Here’s how contributors rank the satisfaction rate of components of their healthcare system.

  1. Egypt
    Healthcare Index: 47.45

Below are the parts of Egypt’s healthcare system surveyed along with the satisfaction rate of its 351 contributors.

  1. Nigeria
    Healthcare Index: 48.24

116 contributors ranked their satisfaction in percentage to the select healthcare system components.

  1. Algeria
    Healthcare Index: 54.78

99 contributions ranked the following healthcare systems according to their satisfaction.

  1. Tunisia
    Healthcare System Index: 57.2

The satisfaction rate is based on 99 contributors.

  1. Kenya
    Healthcare System Index: 61.38

93 contributors ranked Kenya’s healthcare system on their satisfaction

  1. Seychelles
    Healthcare Systems Index: 63.19

Four contributors ranked the Seychelles healthcare systems against their satisfaction rate.

  1. South Africa
    Healthcare Systems Index: 63.68

South Africa has the largest amount of contributions rate its healthcare system. 913 contributions ranked its components based on satisfaction.

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