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Aviation: AviaCargo Discussion Panel Examines Sea-Air Intermodal Solutions for Agro Product Exports

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AviaCargo Conference

The AviaCargo Conference witnessed a dynamic exchange of ideas during its first panel discussion, centered around bridging the gap between marine and air transportation through the strategic use of sea freight.

The conference, which drew attention from industry leaders and stakeholders alike, highlighted the potential of intermodal transport in optimizing cargo logistics.

The session primarily focused on leveraging sea freight to establish a symbiotic relationship between marine and air cargo transportation. The discussion centered around the concept of utilizing airports situated in close proximity to oceans, such as Lagos, Bayelsa, Port Harcourt (PHC), Calabar, and Akwa Ibom, to streamline intermodal cargo movements.

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Key speaker Donald, a notable figure in the field, stressed the importance of proper training and adherence to industry standards for efficient cargo and logistics management. He emphasized that the time has come to transition from problem identification to solution-oriented strategies. Donald’s fervent call to action resonated with the audience, encouraging a collective shift in perspective.

The conference also shed light on the significance of unlocking the potential of intermodal connections in coastal areas. Notably, the northern regions, which are landlocked, were discussed in terms of ensuring their airports are adequately equipped. The need for proper documentation and certifications to align with international standards was underscored as a crucial aspect of harmonizing the intermodal process.

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Industry professionals and attendees expressed enthusiasm about the prospects of intermodal transport, envisioning a transformation of cargo movement and logistics within and beyond the region. The event concluded on an optimistic note, with attendees committed to working collaboratively to implement innovative solutions and redefine the narrative around intermodal transport in the industry.

As the conference continues, participants eagerly anticipate further insights and discussions that will drive transformative changes in the world of cargo and transportation logistics.

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