Calabar Convention Centre achieves architectural first for Nigeria

Calabar Convention Centre 1A major milestone was reached in the construction of the Calabar International Convention Centre [CICC] on July 24th 2014, that sets a remarkable precedent for major building projects in Nigeria. The heavy propping system, used to support this stunning architectural landmark, was removed to reveal a massive structure that remained suspended without columns or any other visible means of support.

There were gasps from onlookers as some 1,500 tons of concrete and steel remained in place as the supports were all removed in a slow, painstaking process. The weight is equivalent to 50 trucks loaded with cement, making it an outstanding feat of structural engineering. The Project Manager of CICC, Mr Reginald Longdon, stated that no building of this kind currently exists in the west African region and commended contractors Bouygues Construction for their achievement in the making of this world-class facility.

The Governor of Cross River State, Sen. Liyel Imoke, was clearly delighted to witness the latest chapter of his vision unfolding. During a small celebration on site to congratulate the project team, he lauded the Danish architects Henning Larsen for their bold design and Bouygues for making it a reality, especially for the way it capitalises on the ambience of the stunning natural environment. He further remarked that the convention centre, much like similar venues around the world, will be a catalyst for economic growth in the state, as it will attract tens of thousands of delegates from all over Nigeria and around the world.

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