Africa: Interview With Africa’s Most Adventurous Woman, Funmi Oyatogun, On Running A Travel Company


Africa is brimming with a generation of ‘venturers’; entrepreneurs and innovators who are constantly establishing new businesses and developing new technologies to meet needs, solve problems, simplify lives and transform societies. Travelpreneur, Funmi Oyatogun, is one of such individuals.

Oyatogun is an adventurer who, in her own words, has “climbed mountains, sailed seas and documented stories of people and places in Africa”.

Her company, TVP Adventures, designs memorable and affordable travel experiences for people across Nigeria and Africa. As a writer and tourism specialist, Oyatogun consistently creates and puts out fun and educating content about travel and tourism in Africa on her social media.

What does your company do?
TVP Adventures simplifies African travel by providing all-inclusive travel experiences that are easy to book and affordable, without the hassle of planning. With the click of a button, all of your travel dreams come true.

What made you start your company?
I started TVP Adventures to fill the gap in travel across Africa. There was a serious lack of travel packages that offered meaningful and seamless travel experiences to help people meet their travel goals. When we saw that people were clamouring for opportunities to explore the continent, TVP was born.

What is unique about your service?
Our service is unique for the following reasons:

Convenience – Bookings can be done online.

Variety – There is a diversity of tours and itineraries.

Group travel – Young people can build a community and network in group trip settings.

Tour loyalty – Earn points on trips that help you travel more, for less.

Your own handy paparazzi – We document your journey for you so you don’t have to bother.

Tell us a little about your team.?
We are currently a team of seven. Our team is amazing. Everyone works hard to bring the travel dreams of each client to life. From our experience designer to our tour management team and our creatives; photographers, digital marketer and graphics designer, everyone brings something invaluable to the team.

What is most challenging about running your company?
We operate in a system that seems to work against us – tough borders across Africa and poor infrastructure. A business like ours has many moving parts and logistical challenges can be a nightmare. But we are bringing these walls down every day.

How do you market your services?
We meet our clients where they are – mostly online.
With your present ‘industry knowledge’ and experience, would you have
done anything differently while starting your business?
Yes. I would have honed a niche much earlier.

What gives you the most satisfaction as an entrepreneur?
I am most satisfied when each client returns with a memory of their experience and the joy of accomplishing their travel goals.

What government policies would create a better environment for your business?
Dear Africa, we need easier borders and visas on arrival across the continent.

How do you plan to scale up?
We are expanding our model to other African cities soon.

What is your advice for other entrepreneurs looking to set up a business in this sector?
We have so many opportunities available in the tourism and travel space and I would like to encourage entrepreneurs to seek solutions to challenges we are facing. There is a gaping hole in travel tech, for instance. It is also important to find a niche, hone that niche and work with the rest of the ecosystem in order for us to grow the industry.


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