News: Nigerian Shopper Raises Alarm As Turkish Decor Yabaci Fails To Make Amends 5 Months After Sending Damaged Goods


A non-profit management consultant, Rotimi Olawale, has explained how Yabaci, an Istanbul-based decor company, delivered incomplete products after receiving N54,000 from him.

According, on July 8, Olawale ordered three pieces of chess items and a tray which cost N54,000. He made the order via the company’s official business handle on Instagram.

The following day, he transferred the money into a Fidelity Bank account with the name ‘Orient Expedition Global Merchant Limited.

The products were expected to arrive at Olawale’s office in Abuja on July 15, a week after the order was made.

Worried about the delay in delivering the products, Olawale messaged the company via its Instagram page for inquiry but he received a rude response from the seller.

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“Will you be quiet?” Yabaci wrote, responding to Olawale’s inquiry.

Olawale, now running out of patience, did not stop asking when he would get the products. He gave till the close of business on July 26 but Yabaci would not stop being rude to its customer.
“There is a holiday,” Yabaci responded. “We are Muslims and we have a holiday.”

Olawale finally received the products from Yabaci only to realise that the chess items had broken while the N22,000 worth tray was not delivered.

He informed the company about the broken chess and the missing tray. Although his complaint was acknowledged, Olawale is yet to get a replacement for the broken chess and the undelivered tray five months after.

The company did not also respond to his subsequent messages.
FIJ contacted Yabaci via its Instagram page and WhatsApp number to hear the company’s side of the story, but all our inquiry messages were not replied.

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