Africa: Kenyan investors interested in Investing in Angola’s Tourism Sector


The minister and deputy head of the Commission of the Kenyan Embassy to Angola, Haggai Ouguki, Tuesday expressed the interest of businesspeople from his country in investing and boosting the tourism sector in Malanje province of Angola in order to generate income.

According to, the focus on this segment involves building support infrastructures for tourism and training of staff, with a view to making the sector profitable in the province which, in his opinion, has vast potential and can contribute to the process of diversification of the country’s economy.

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According to Haggai Ouguki, who was speaking during a meeting with local businesspeople, there is growing interest from Kenyan businesspeople in tourism in Angola, particularly in Malanje, given its potential.

He said that his country had experience in this area and was willing to transfer capital and knowledge to make tourism in Malanje more competitive, without ruling out the possibility of Malanje businesspeople investing in the same area in Kenya.

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Besides tourism, he pointed out agro-livestock as also being an area of interest for his country, judging by the climate and fertile land that Malanje has for the development of agriculture and livestock.

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